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Update by user Sep 10, 2018

Issue may never be resolved and it looks like this company may have gotten away with it. Just received an email stating that they have been sold to istorage.

I can only assume, once their legal team informed them that they were liable... They decided to cash out. I may still seek legal counsel and go after the previous primary owners of Simply Self Storage for as far back as the statute of limitations allows. It's only right.

However, I will give istorage a clean slate and see how they would like to progress. If there are any issues there, I will have to make a new complaint.

Original review posted by user Jul 20, 2018

Simply Self Storage Shiloh Springs on Trinity Church Rd in Dayton Ohio.

Contact was the manager, Mark.

I have at least a climate controlled storage unit for almost 2 years. Upon noticing at certain times in the winter, it would actually be colder IN the storage building than out! This summer, when I opened my door, I was blasted with heat! So I took the liberty of getting a infrared thermal meter so that I could record the outside ambient temperature, the temperature in the building walkway, and the temperature of the items at 6-foot in the center of my unit.

I recorded temperatures as high as 96. 8 degrees when the outside ambient temperature was 82. it was obvious that their climate control system was not functioning properly. Upon contacting the property manager through the contact form online, he seems quite irritated with me and simply stated that in sections so and so of my lease it DOESN'T say the units are climate-controlled and that he never implied that they were. And that the BUILDING has air conditioning and heat but NOT the units inside... Now, after having paid $120 a month for over 2 years for a 10 x 10 climate control unit that has sensitive documents... I reiterated to him that simplyss.com states that climate controlled units are humidity and temperature-controlled, (as well as sending him the screenshots from their website that states "temperature and humidity sensitive objects should be stored in a climate-controlled room", as well as the Merriam-Webster definition of climate controlled) then asked him what the temperature parameters were. To this he was extremely evasive. He then declined to speak with me at all,... taking the stance that the word "bullshiting" was a vulgar assault. Even though I've heard him say the "s-word" personally. Obviously, he knows that they are false advertising and committing fraud. And he wasn't about to help me in any fashion other than to say they had their thermostats serviced annually and they were fine. He would check them again.

So, I asked for his corporate contact information, maybe a regional manager... To which he said I can find that information online. (I'm sure all of you reading this know that is incorrect, and all you get is the contact form that goes back to the manager of the location you select in the contact form.... Clever ploy.) And said that he forwarded our email interaction to his district manager and they would see what they would do about it. I have since tried to contact twice. And have not got a single response in over 2 weeks.

I continue to take accurate digital thermal readings, and I've come to the conclusion that not only are the units not humidity controlled, as admitted by Mark... But their temperature parameters are not adequate. Sensitive belongings need to be kept between 60 and 80 degrees Fahrenheit. I have actually only got one reading within that range!

It would seem likely that this fraud may be happening at all of their locations, but at the very least... This one location has been cheating people out of what they thought they were buying for quite a long time.

The issue arises because they are metal buildings which are naturally heating up in the Sun. The only air flow movement between the climate control units and the main hallway are some slits near the ceiling with no fan to move the cooler air to replace the hotter air. and they most definitely advertise it as being humidity and climate controlled, but it is most definitely not either. And have subsequently refused to address or correct the issue.

Product or Service Mentioned: Simply Self Storage Storage Unit.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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The lesson to be learned here is to always double-check what you're getting. If you're under the impression you're getting one thing, check it out.

Going off this complaint, it seems you handled it right. You attempted contact with the manager, he was no help so you went to corporate. I would have only given them two weeks before taking it further. Once they were no help, you brought it to a public forum.

Again, exactly what you should have done. The FTC should have been contacted sooner.

Regardless, check and double-check. Always make sure you're getting what you pay for!


Richard contacted me by phone on Wednesday. I explained to him that the only acceptable form of communication would be email or letter sent to my PO BOX.

I did not receive any response back Thursday or Friday. So I emailed him this morning, asking if Corporate understood the situation and what they propose a solution would be. I received an auto-response back, saying that Richard is no longer with the company! Go figure.

Now, I'm back to sending contact form submissions through the simplyss.com site.... Which just goes to the manager.... But honestly, any company that operates their business this way obviously doesn't intend to correct any issues. I want them to revise their website, maybe state, "at select locations only"...

unless all of their buildings are designed the same way, and which case they need to refund and re-contract their current tenants. They also need a specific form to go over during the lease signing that states the units are NOT temperature nor humidity controlled as they imply on their website. So that people are not being duped into paying twice as much for something they thought they were getting. Legally, it's called deceptive trade practices.

That needs to stop.

I'll keep ya posted. Thanks for all the support!

to CulturedDunker541 #1557392

website does have a disclaimer, I doubt they sold because of you I have had a unit with this company several times,never have had an issue, I also received an email notice there was new management and owners ,I spoke to the manager at the georgia location who assured me they would communicate any changes to me I see you are all over this page WHY ???? why not just take you business some were else I have always had climate controlled units because of were I live,have never had an issue, I became aware of this site because a colleague was looking for storage for a month and I referred him to the location I use, the administrator of this site needs to ban you, do you really have any damages, obviously not.you are just all over this page causing problems, People use these sites to make a consumer decision not to read your personel issue issue with a Manager, I see your responses to people who spoke good of this Manager and the sarcasm you have toward them I certainly hope some one has made them aware and since you like to yell lawsuit you are the one on the other end of a suit.


Issue still not resolved nor fixed. no contact from corporate.

Temperature on Tuesday September 4th at 5 pm ... 98.

6 degrees Fahrenheit with 94% humidity inside my unit. Still unacceptable.


Tuesday September 4th 2018... 96.

8 degrees Fahrenheit in the center of my unit.

On video. Still no contact from corporate

to CulturedDunker541 #1553665

Correction, it was 98.6.


Thumbs up!


Your screenshot shows 1st Floor Indoor, not 1st Floor Climate. Are you sure you’re in a Climate Controlled unit? According to their website, they have two different types of indoor units, one with the name Climate and one without, indicating to me 1st Floor Indoor isn’t a climate controlled space.

to Christina #1551868

Hi Christina! All of their units are first floor.

They do not have a second floor at this facility. I'm positive that mine is climate-controlled, because it is an indoor unit and I am paying $120 a month for a 10 x 10. Yes, some of them are advertised climate controlled, and some aren't... I guess you can refer to them as indoor, and outdoor units.

The non climate controlled unit doors are facing into the driveway, but you have to walk INTO the building to access the climate control ones. To be fair, they have since changed their sign to say "heated and cooled", but the website remains misleading to customers. And that still doesn't clear up all of the people that have paid for climate control and not received it. I never received comment back from corporate regarding the first five or so emails.

It wasn't until after they serviced their units and I went back and recorded 96. 8 degrees Fahrenheit at 8 p.m.!! The temp outside had already cooled to 72! So I took the liberty of sending one last email asking if I needed to take this to the next level.

I think I've been more than kind so far, all I'm asking is for them to fix the issue or pay the customers back for what they did not provide. Anyways, I received a response back from Richard... The regional manager. he apologized, and said that he was dealing with a death in the family and that was the reason he never got back to me...

If that is the case, which I have no reason to think it isn't... I have allowed him two weeks since then to get back to me. I haven't received any contact. He did say that it was passed on to corporate up the ladder...

Which is all that I asked for them to do in the beginning. It's now September, and they haven't even acknowledged me. I think I'm going to give them an additional week or so, then I'm going to the BBB, the Federal Trade Commission, and possibly the news on your side... They might like this one.

I don't say any of this as a threat, it's just unbelievable how they treat their customers... and you can see that and almost every one of the complaints. A simple, "Thank you!, Would you mind letting one of our Representatives go with you to see exactly what you're talking about... And we'll see if we can't get this fixed."...

That was the response I should have gotten in the beginning. Now they've woken up my inner Nelson Mandela!! I could have went straight to an attorney in the beginning, but as a business owner myself, I was giving them an opportunity to correct and rectify this themselves. I guess this can be considered as an update, and I urge you to go to their website...

https://www.simplyss.com/storage-options/climate-controlled/ It clearly states that climate-controlled includes humidity as well, which was the impression I was under in the beginning. And it's also the definition of climate control. now that they've had it serviced, I'm sure the air conditioning company explain to them that there's no way to keep those units between 65 and 80 degrees... Let alone dehumidified.

So they know... I don't know why they didn't handle this as soon as possible... But I'll keep you posted if I ever get contacted from corporate. I'd also like to send out an open invitation for anyone else leasing a climate control unit at that location or any other Simply Self Storage location...

Use the personal message link, and I will be more than happy to set up a time to go and measure the temperature of your unit! I would be curious to see if any of the other buildings are different.

but again, this isn't just about temperature... Climate controlled is also humidity controlled.

to CulturedDunker541 #1552037

This is Carla again, first there is no trolling I am an actual customer a long time customer I find your respond amazing, after I was made aware of this post and spoke to the manager he gave me a thermometer on Saturday 9/1/2018 I was at the storage this will be the 3rd time since I originally posted on here 75 degrees twice 74 degrees once, and you could feel the difference once you stepped inside the door, from your original post you either took time to do a lot of research to prove your point or you have experience in the building trades industry, so you have all this knowledge after the fact after you got the storage your own words "you noticed last winter it was colder" so you waited a year to say anything? I also questioned your screen shots, because I know there are indoor climate controlled and indoor interior units, now you are wanting people to meet you at their storage unit so you can measure the temperature, again Saturday the Manager showed me my lease when I stopped him to show him the pictures my daughter took,and I forwarded then to him, I remember when I first got my unit and have transferred twice and each time he went over the lease I remember him saying temperature controlled means there will not be a drastic change (temp is between 55-80 which the website says and it has the definition of temperature or climate controlled) and him saying because the buildings are metal the heat from the sun will have an effect as well as what you have in your unit because objects do hold heat vs a drive up unit, It is amusing that you say you are not slandering the manager but then you say "he is a nice guy he is a salesman that is what they are trained to do" as if he is a liar.

when I spoke to him Saturday he again told me once he was aware of a problem he had service there and he forwarded everything to his District and out of all the people who have units only one is complaining I told him he should do something because I felt for you to go onto any site and put is name out there you have opened the possibility of a nut case thinking he has screwed them and going after him, I have screen shot these responses and have forward them to the Manager , why would you think it is ok for you to offer to meet people and randomly go to a storage place you do realize that is private property I have seen the Manager stop people and ask why they are or were in an area that their unit was not located in ( I have texted Mark and made him aware ), if you are going to the BBB then file the complaint let them check into it ,not go on a site and make random allegations and threats. or just move go to another storage place you say "your inner nelson mandela " again you wait a year plus to say anything and the Manager told me he use to see you everyday and you never said anything.

to Carla #1553662

Seriously? You lost all credibility here.

What did you do, check it at 6am? Lol. Either that, or you were given a "special thermometer". You actually had me excited!

I thought I figured out a way to get it fixed.... Good one. So, what you're trying to tell me... Is the inside of your unit was as cold as what is coming out of the vents?

That is impossible... You obviously do not know how HVAC works. And that's okay, no one expects you to. I checked in myself on Tuesday.

At around 5 pm... 98. 6 degrees Fahrenheit. And humidity was 94%.

I guess you're still stuck on Mark.... Rather than the actual issue. Mark's name was mentioned and my first complaint on here, because that's the instructions I was given. "Who is my contact"...

Etc. I filled out the complaint as I was instructed to. But, I commend you for sticking up for someone you have no personal affiliation with (lol)... On their website, under climate control...

Please read it carefully. Tell me if that is what you are getting. It's not, and you can't. and I'm not going to keep going over and over with you about how I did inform Mark.

My first email went straight to him. Talking to him, would have gave me the same line he gave you about people not understanding climate control. And obviously you still don't. It's not my problem that he refused to help me and then ignored any contact.

Same with Richard, and so far, same with corporate. if they didn't know that there was an issue... Don't you think they would have already contacted me to settle this? Where is their official response on this site?

So back to poor customer service and a *** company. And fraudulent Trade Practices. Those are the issues. You coming on here and spreading misinformation isn't going to help anyone.

But you go ahead and do what you feel is right, as will I. and like another poster said, when you get the letter...

Sign the opt-out form and send it back. I'm sure you'll get bonus points from Mark.


Looks like you're being trolled, dunker! This is just another example of a big company in active PR control.

Don't fall for it... If those are really people satisfied spending for something and not receiving it, then they'll always have the option to opt out of the settlement. But we all know that they wont. Sounds to me like the building is designed improperly.

And if your readings are correct, you won't have any problem convincing a judge of going as far back as the statute of limitations allows and subpoenaing their entire client list for that period of time.

I'm not opting out, good job bringing this to my attention! Thank you!

to Chris #1551870

Thank you Chris. I appreciate the support.

Feel free to personal message me, I would like to check the temperature in your storage unit for comparison. Have a great night!


have had climate controlled unit here for years,I read the lease before I signed, manager went over it with me I knew what I needed for my business, place is clean,manager has always been available to me, there are rate increases but I own rental property and understand that this is a business, it looks like the same person is on this site twice once under a screen name then under another name

to Shayla #1551873

Thanks for the reply, but I'm confused... what does your comment have to do with the situation at hand?

If you'd like, I'll be more than happy to check the temperature in your unit... But doesn't it bother you in the least that there's no humidity control? Here in Ohio... When it's 80 degrees and 70% humidity...

That's the perfect environment for mold.

Why do you lease a climate control unit if you do not need it? I would downsize to the cheaper alternative, if I were you.


I find this weird,back at the beginning of July I was at my unit and the Manager Mark was in the building with a service man, I asked him what he was doing he said he was having the hvac checked there was a complaint about it being hot, Is this what you are referring to ??? when we moved in we were told and shown by Mark the unit and the duct work inside each unit that is how the unit is cooled and heated, He explained to me how the building is cooled and heated ,showed me the 2 hvac units outside the building, My daughter showed me this review yesterday I let the Manager Mark know, he told me there was a complaint about the building being hot that is why he had the hvac company come out, he said they logged the temperature going out at 72-74 I showed him this review and your remarks toward him,asked him what was going on, He told me this matter has been sent to the company, and he really does not want to talk about it but once he knew there was a problem he got some one here and the unit was checked it was putting out 72-74, My opinion why did you not go into the office and speak to him I asked him this, he said he use to see you everyday, not go onto this site and slander him, (nothing that you reference toward him sounds like him or his character) I asked him about couple of your points he told me as soon as he was aware there was a problem he got some here and most people do not understand "climate controlled" and he always goes over the peramaters (temperatures building is kept at) he laughed when he saw the screen name you used instead of your real name, myself and several family members have used this place for years, when there has been an issue it has always been taken care.

to Carla #1547085

Hey Carla, Thanks for the reply. I find it pretty weird too...

You left quite a few questions, so I'll handle them individually and in order... 1) Q: Was the service guy in July due to my complaint? A: probably. 2) you said you were shown the ductwork inside the unit?...

Funny, cuz there are no ducts or vents inside the units. Next time you go to your storage unit will see that there is no air flow inside where your belongings are. Like I've already previously said, there are just some slits near the top but with no fan to exchange the air, that air-conditioned air cannot get in to cool your stuff. They are measuring the temperature coming directly out of the AC unit...

What you'll need to do is take a thermometer and put it in your unit and then come check it immediately when you open your door before the hallway has a chance to start cooling it down. That will give you the information that you're curious about. well, not really... Cuz the thermometer is only going to measure the air temperature...

I'm using an infrared, which measures the actual temperature of whatever I point it at to 0.1 degrees. It may be 72 degrees coming out of the vents in the hall, but the hall itself is generally around 80 degrees. They are metal units, after all. But my complaint revolves around the temperature of the belongings IN the unit.

I haven't got a reading less than 86 and as high as 105! it would be pretty simple for you to check it yourself. 3) Q: why did I not go and talk to Mark rather than contacting online? A: simple, I'm pretty busy.

It's much easier for me to contact in letter form. I don't really see a problem with that. So far, only you and Mark do. 4) why am I slandering mark?

A: I'm not, and I haven't. You should probably read my complaint again. That's what I find weird about your comment, those are the two points that Mark brought up in the very first emails.... Why didn't I come to him first, and he seemed to take personal offense to my complaint.

Obviously you guys know each other pretty well. I might even go so far as to say that you are Mrs Mark. I could be wrong, but it's pretty funny because nowhere in my complaint am I slandering or being personal. There is nothing personal about this complaint..

and yes, Mark has always been a pretty nice guy. Because he's a Salesman, dear... that's what they are trained to be. 5) he can have the air conditioner serviced as often and as much as he likes, unless they put grate doors on the units, or vent the air conditioner into the units...

It is not going to be sufficient, nor climate controlled. 6) most people do not understand climate control. (Perfect salesman tactic, by the way). Let me clear that up....

Definition of climate-controlled : having or providing artificial control of air temperature, humidity, and movement a climate-controlled vehicle a climate-controlled office So hopefully you understand climate controlled better. And if you actually check your unit you'll see that they are not climate control they're not even temperature regulated. and yes, I got a pretty big kick out of my screen name too! It's automatically chosen.

I just don't care enough to change it.

But since you brought it up, I've been trying to figure out if dunker means donut lover or basketball player... What do you think?


I also have noticed the units inside are colder in the winter and hotter in the summer than it is outside! I commend you for taking the time to build evidence against these fraudsters. Sign me up for the class action suit!

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